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Anthony Sturdy

Case White


Case White is an FPS game set in WW2, with procedurally generated levels, random weapon generation and a retro aesthetic. The game was made for my UAL Level 3 Extended Game Design final major project submission at City of Wolverhampton College.

For the assignment, we were given freedom to create a 3D game using an engine of our choice. I decided to work by myself on this game, so I chose Unity, as I am most familiar with Unity over other similar engines such as UE4 or Godot. I was also required to keep a reflective journal throughout the development of the project, which can be seen here. The reflective journal documents each step of the game's development and all of the research I did for the game.


  • Character Controller
  • Multiple Enemy AI's
  • Inventory System
  • Procedural Level Generation
  • Multiple Online Leaderboards
  • Save/Loading System
  • Skills System

What I learned

This was the first game I had worked on fully by myself (apart from game-jam games, and smaller projects), so I learned a lot about project management, time management, and various skills which go into making a game (such as creating the art and sound effects). I tried to push myself technically with the project, I had never looked into procedural generation before this, nor had I looked into pathfinding. Attempting both of these were big challenges for me, and feel as though attempting them taught me a lot.


Download Page (itch.io)

Development Log (Reflective Journal)