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Anthony Sturdy

OLE Storepage


This website is a storepage for a pretend game development company. It was made for my Computing Professional and Business Skills module at Staffordshire University (Year 1, Semester 2). For our assignment, we were tasked with creating a storepage for a company called "OLE Ltd." to sell their game and DLC's.

The website was created in a group of three, my role was mostly frontend, I did most of the HTML, CSS and Javascript, I helped out with the backend (PHP, SQL) occasionally, and had to be familiar with how it all worked. David Taylor did most of the backend work, and lastly, Conor McCann did most of the documentation.


  • Individual Product Pages
  • Account Creation
  • Edit Account Details
  • Consistent Styling
  • Basket System
  • Password Hashing

What I learned

This assignment taught me a lot about creating websites, I knew nothing about using CSS or Javascript before making it and it's been very useful, especially for making this portfolio. I learned to keep the HTML and CSS organised to avoid it become difficult to change later on, and how important communication is within a team.