Full Portfolio List

To keep my portfolio concise I have removed less relevant projects from the main page to make room for new ones, this list includes pages which have been removed.


Voxel-o-Defence 2020, C++/DirectX11/C#/Unity

DirectX11 Ship Scene 2019/20, C++/DirectX11

Multiplayer Racing Game/Chat App 2019, C#/WinForms/MonoGame

E1M1 Rendered using FreeGLUT 2019, C++/OpenGL/FreeGLUT

SDL Mario Bros. 2019, C++/SDL

OLE Storepage 2019, HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/SQL

'Fake' 3D Dungeon 2018, C++/S2D


Case White 2018, C#/Unity

Secret of Malarith 2017, C#/Unity


Raycaster 2019, C++/SDL/sdl-gpu

Reclaim Earth 2016, C#/Unity